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12 o'clock


Pick 4 quarterly dates a year for a service (not an event) that is designed for men by men. This should occur on a night of your choosing that will feature praise and worship music, updates on what is going on with the men’s ministry and any needs and roles that the men need to fill. You will then have a speaker/teacher that will give a challenge message to the men of your church or group. These speakers/teachers could come from within the church or you group or invited in from the outside. Man Church will be thrilled to send you your 4 speakers/teachers at a fraction of the cost it would require to bring our speaker/teachers in if you were to book them yourself but that is totally your decision.

In between each quarter


At the close of each Man Church service you then plug the men into small groups led by a facilitator who will lead the Man Church curriculum. The curriculum can be divided into 4 ten week sessions or 8 five week sessions. Whichever you choose the curriculum is being covered during the breaks between the 4 Man Church services.  The times and dates of the Man Church Bible Studies should vary in order to allow men to pick one that works best with their schedule. Example: 1 would be 6pm Wed Night, 1 would be a weekday breakfast prior to work, 1 would be lunch time on a weekday, 1 Sat morning, 1 Sunday night etc. The Man Church Curriculum will feature a 13-15 minute video taught by Rick Burgess, a printed leaders guide and then printed copies of the curriculum for each man. This is designed to keep the men in a never ending circle of challenge, motivation, conviction and growth. The services challenge and confront, while the curriculum disciples the men to grow them to spiritual maturity which then enables them to become the men that God has called them to be……How To Be A Man is the question and the answer is to follow Jesus…to pursue Christ Centered Masculinity.

6 o'clock


Try not to fill the mens schedule with “busy work” don’t put more thing on their calendar. If they will commit to this discipleship program it will radically change the dynamic of the church, the community and every home.

If you are ready then click “Get Started” and let us assist you in putting together a discipleship program that doesn’t just address the symptoms in a man’s life but goes after the disease…they are lost or they are spiritual infants.