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Men are falling short of their God-given roles.

Men aren’t the spiritual leaders of their homes. They aren’t making a Kingdom difference in their workplaces. They are absent from the important work of their church. The question is, why? The reason men aren’t living a more authentic faith is simple: they have yet to embrace the call to real discipleship.

What if our churches took the call to disciple men seriously?

What if men were discipled in a format that was designed for them, not women or children?
What if men were both challenged and equipped to relentlessly pursue God?
What if men were given a plan that leveraged the energy of large events to empower small group discipleship?

Introducing, field-tested solutions for challenging and equipping men to become the people God created them to be.

"I was looking at the Man Church Discipleship Strategy. It’s outstanding! The Man Church Team have a great philosophy of ministry that really resonates with men. Discipleship is the heart of the Great Commission and you’re on it like a laser!” - Steve Farrar